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The Vocal Ensemble has made a name for itself in town and has always been warmly received at their performances. The charm of the choir is present in the joyous singing and music that hits close to home. They are led by their director who always manages to find the best and most memorable concert arrangements.

The ages of our members span many years: Initially we were founded as a school choir - consisting of a group of students who after graduating from school and moving into the job market have remained active members of the group. This has granted us many experienced and confident singers over the years. At the same time, we have many 'singing newbies' who come into the group and quickly become experienced and valued singers through their participation. Additionally, we have experienced 'songbirds' who find their way to us and through the challenging music, they are able to nurse their musical ambitions.

Our concert programs are quite diverse, ranging from rock, pop and film music to classical, gospels, and spirituals. We are very open and will not limit ourselves to one particular style or genre. The journey is part of the goal, thus our not wishing to miss out on the Monday evening rehearsals. The concerts are the highlights of all our hard work. However, a very special time of joy for us is the free time with the choir that we enjoy once every year. A weekend, perhaps in Odenwald, grants us time off to play games, take hikes, bicycle and, of course, sing together. Here we discover the roots of friendship, while having a good time and momentarily can forgetting the stresses of every day life.

That is what makes up our choir: Singing together as friends!

If you are interested in singing with our choir, please contact us at info@ver-ev.de or come to our next rehearsal. They take place at 19:30 (7:30 PM) in the Aula at the Immanuel-Kant-School, Exreuxring 25 in Rüsselsheim. ( city map )